Daniel Bordi

Many colors, not so many rules

<p></p> <p>Colorful paintings for all environments. With no concerns about rules or stereotypes created by the art world, Daniel Bordi simply draws and throws colors on the screen so that he conveys a unique harmony and manages to change the ambiance of the environments where his works are placed.</p> <p></p>

About the artist

Daniel Bordi has created a new concept in the distribution of colors and curves, not worrying about current standards or rules. He simply pursues making the environments happy and colorful, bringing a vibrant ambiance around his work.

With this vision, Daniel Bordi caught the attention of Galleria360, in Firenze, Italy, which has represented the artist in Europe for 4 years. He has been invited to exhibitions in Brazil and Europe, participating in biennials and renowned shows


Daniel Bordi has created more than 180 oil-on-canvas paintings, most of which sold in Brazil, Europe and New York. The artist still has a large collection in his studio, which can be viewed by appointment.

Daniel Bordi Studio

Many colors and life inside an intimate studio where you can view a collection of more than 70 paintings, as well as a coffee shop and several unique details.

Call and schedule your visit! Guests are always welcome! Even if you are just curious, or someone looking for culture and beautiful colors, or even an interior designer, the doors are always open.

“Due to the pandemic, we are temporarily closed.”